Schedule Chevrolet Service Online in New Bern, NC

We offer online service appointment scheduling at Chevrolet of New Bern that makes it convenient and easy to schedule routine maintenance or repairs from the comfort of home at any time of the day. Simply access the system at your convenience and provide pertinent appointment details to get your next service booked today.

About the Appointment Scheduling System

The online service scheduler is easy to use but gets easier after the first appointment because the system will save pertinent personal contact and vehicle information. When scheduling your first appointment, be sure to have the owner's manual handy as a reference to provide accurate details. Once you enter your contact and vehicle information to schedule your first appointment, the system will save these details, and you can log in using your username and password.

How to Use the Online Service Scheduler

We organized a few helpful pointers when scheduling your services online at Chevrolet of New Bern. Be sure to reference these step-by-step instructions as needed:

  1. Logging In

    There are multiple options for logging in. For first-timers, enter the system by clicking the box with make, year, and model under the heading I'm a new customer. You also have the option of signing in using an existing Google account. If you have used the system previously, you can either sign in using the phone number or email details used before or your account's username and password.
  2. Vehicle Details

    You will enter the necessary vehicle details, including the make, year, model, trim, transmission, engine type, and engine size.
  3. What Does the Vehicle Need?

    Enter the services needed from the options menu provided. If you do not see the service that is needed, simply enter a description of what you need in the open comments box.
  4. Dropping Off or Picking Up the Vehicle?

    Select if you would like to schedule pickup service with return service after the appointment is complete. You will need to enter the address where we will pick up the vehicle as well as the address of return if different than pickup. Be sure to include pickup instructions as needed in the open comments box.
  5. Need a Ride?

    If you need a shuttle service, select that you need a shuttle ride here.
  6. Appointment Day and Time

    You will choose the appointment day and time from the calendar with time options below.
  7. Review

    Enter additional comments, select if you want reminders and updates via text or email, request a return call, and review all of the details for accuracy before booking the service.
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